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Welcome to our rice mill, where we pride ourselves on producing high-quality rice for consumers around the world. Our mill is equipped with the latest technology and processes that ensure efficient and sustainable production while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

At our mill, we begin by carefully selecting the highest quality rice from trusted suppliers. These grains are then processed through a rigorous cleaning and sorting process that removes impurities and ensures consistent grain size and quality.

Our team of experts is highly trained and dedicated to ensuring that every product that leaves our facility meets the highest standards of quality and safety. We use advanced testing methods to monitor the quality of our rice at every stage of the production process, from raw material selection to final packaging.

In addition to our commitment to quality and safety, we are also dedicated to sustainability. We use environmentally friendly practices throughout our production process, including the use of renewable energy sources and the implementation of waste reduction and recycling initiatives.

We offer a wide range of rice products to meet the needs of our customers, including white rice, brown rice, and specialty rice varieties. Whether you are a food manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, we are confident that our products will meet and exceed your expectations.

We take pride in our role as a leader in the rice industry, and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. Thank you for choosing our rice mill as your source of high-quality rice.

Our Achivements

Variety of seeds



Rice, Rice Powder
10000 approx
Capacity production
10 kw
Solar Plant

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